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Coaching & 

Individualized, Research based,

Purpose driven

The Approach

I believe coaching is the most effective way to transform outcomes in teaching and learning for students and educators.

I partner with you to understand the current reality of your teaching practice. The unique context, challenges, opportunities and overall outcomes you wish to align with your purpose as an educator. We work together to design a clear vision around your specific craft and goals. This includes curriculum, frameworks, evaluations and outcome markers. We keep an eye on the district and school mandates. But the true goals we center around are joy, creativity and being responsive to your students. ​ I believe we do better work when we have a clear focused path towards our vision and outcomes. But also when we're being challenged and forging new, dynamic and rewarding collaborations. ​

Some Strategies, Tools, Frameworks that ground my Practice as a Coach:  

Summer 2022 Presentation


Where Are You Rooted:

Finding Purpose in Teaching

Heritage Institute


Prescott College Director and Faculty of PhD Sustainability Education Program

"Sarah Rosman is a phenomenally innovative, deeply informed coach, facilitator, teacher educator, future strategist, and change leader. Sarah's approach is steeped in an ethic of equity, belonging, justice, and liberation, and her methods skillfully reflect these values.
As someone who is collaborative and community-oriented, Sarah not only invests significantly in the content and scope of the projects themselves, but also the people who comprise them, knowing that change building requires a foundation of trust. Working with Sarah will invite transformation, as a guide who meets people where they are, works through an asset-focused lens, recognizes systemic forces at play, and through those analyses, will offer pathways for agency and embodied change.
Sarah has the skill of cultivating clarity through chaos, all grounded in her relentless quest to support a more just and equitable world." 
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